MGS Ltd, a UK based manufacturer and specialist in the installation, service and repair of Aluminium, Automatic Door and Entrance systems, has achieved the Bronze Award in the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme following their Armed Forces Covenant pledge.

The Defence Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS) encourages UK employers across all sectors to express support for defence personnel and their families to ensure they are not unfairly disadvantaged in the workplace compared with other citizens.

The scheme comprises Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for employers who demonstrate they align their business values and policies with the Armed Forces Covenant.  MGS has been awarded Bronze, and is currently working towards Silver, having already demonstrated that the armed forces community, (personnel, reserve forces, veterans, leavers and their families), are not unfairly disadvantaged in their recruitment and employment policies, whilst recognising that in some cases special treatment is required. 

MGS has actively ensured that all employees are aware of the scheme and the introduction of positive policies towards service personnel and the armed forces community, that consider their specific needs and the issues they face in the workplace.

 Managing Director Jason Pease, served in the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers at the start of his career, making this subject very special to MGS, and one the company is delighted to be able to support.

 MGS supports employees and their spouses who are members of the Armed Forces, the Reserve Forces, military cadet and other voluntary organisations, in specific ways, such as flexibility in granting leave before deployment, provision of additional paid/unpaid leave to attend training, courses and events, and encouraging volunteering.

 Commenting on the achievement Managing Director Jason Pease said “As an Armed Forces-friendly organisation, we are delighted to achieve our Bronze Award, and are enormously proud to be formally recognised for our support of the Armed Forces Covenant and the value and contribution the Armed Services bring to our business and country. MGS employees, suppliers and clients are aware of our amended business policies and values, which we hope will positively impact our Armed Forces members and their families.”

 Read our Armed Forces Covenant pledge here.  To learn more about the Armed Forces Covenant, Defence Employers Recognition Scheme and how you can show your support, visit here.