Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swing door operators provide economical accessibility for new or existing hinged doors

Automatic Swing Doors

Automatic swing door operators, combined with new doors or often retro fitted onto existing manual doors, are an ideal, efficient and economical method of providing ease of access to your customers and staff.

Most types of manual swing door (hinged doors that are pushed or pulled to open), are suitable for use with automatic swing door operators, allowing existing doors to be easily upgraded to provide automatic opening and closing that is reliable and easy to use. The MGS automatic swing door range includes options for full power, low energy or assisted power operation.

Automatic Swing door operators are usually fixed above the door and use a swing arm fixed to the door leaf to push or pull the door for automatic opening and closure.

Automatic Doors use minimal power to function, and can help reduce energy and heat loss by ensuring your door is only opened and when required, and always returned to its closed position.

Automatic swing door operators are suitable for use with:

  • Inward or Outward opening hinged doors
  • Single or double swing doors
  • Most door materials including timber, aluminium, glass (toughened, laminated, tinted and double glazed units) and steel.
  • Fire doors (with additional features and certification)

MGS are proud to be independent door specialists, ideally positioned to source and select automatic door operators from all the leading manufacturers to deliver the optimum door system for your needs and environment, at all times.

Our experience in maintaining door systems enables us to only select products that are safe and built to last, maximising your investment from a longevity and maintenance perspective.


Each automatic door system is bespoke designed with a choice of features, from low energy to high performance environments, MGS automatic swing doors can transom your building and ensure accessibility and safety meet the requirements of BS EN:16005.

Our technical project team provide:

  • Free premises survey and quotation
    To understand your building fabric and requirements
  • Risk Assessment and advise on practical, legislative, and building regulation requirements
    Such as The Equality Act 2010 to ensure your business is accessible to all.
  • Specification and design including drawings for approval.
    Our experienced team select from a range of manufacturers the most suitable automatic door products for you.
Automatic swing doors installation

Automatic Door Opening & Closing

There are a range of activation methods available for automatic doors.

Typically, automatic doors are activated by sensors that detect personnel and objects within an adjustable range (automatic opening).

Alternatively, if you would prefer intentionally activated automatic opening, i.e. requiring action by the user, there are a variety of operations including push pads, access control systems, or Touch Free switches.

These contactless sensors operate with a hand motion, allowing the door to open automatically in a controlled, intentional way.

After discussing and understanding how you would like your door to be operated and its location, MGS will recommend the right automatic operator for your individual requirements, programming the door to close at the right time to maximise comfort and building energy efficiency.

All MGS automatic door systems are designed and installed to comply with BS EN16005, (the European Standard code of practice for safety in use of automatic doors for pedestrian use).


This includes the provision of safety barrier rails and finger entrapment protection along the hinge edge (if required) to protect pedestrians and ensure compliance and system safety.

Automatic swing and sliding door sensors and push pads
MGS engineers are trained and accredited under the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA ) scheme to ensure your doors to conform to UK and European standards and remain safe in use.

Service, Maintenance & Repairs for Automatic Doors

MGS offer servicing and planned preventative maintenance plans to protect your investment and ensure your building remains safe, secure and fully compliant, as well as offering an emergency call our service for door repairs.

Regular checks and maintenance on your door systems must be documented and undertaken by a qualified person to ensure their safe operation and meet Workplace Health & Safety Machinery regulations.  Powered automatic doors require at least one recorded service annually to ensure compliance  with BS EN 16005.

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