Touch Free Doors
Contactless Operation

Hygienic Touch Free Automatic Door Opening for COVID-security

Touch Free Contactless Doors

Identifying frequently touched surfaces, especially those touched regularly by many people, is an essential part of a COVID-secure workplace strategy.

The Health & Safety Executive recommends cleaning frequently touched surfaces (e.g. doors, lift buttons, rails and handles), after each use, and if that is not practical, ensure they are cleaned regularly and make changes to the way you work to minimise such surface contamination.

Fitting automatic sensor operated doors is recommended to reduce contact points and the reliance on cleaning regimes for frequently touched surfaces. (Source: UK Government ).

Touch free doors or contactless automatic doors are a practical solution to reduce the number of frequently touched surfaces since they remove the need for people to touch doors and their handles as they move into and around the building.

Existing automatic and disabled doors that are activated by hand contact with a push pad or button can be easily adapted to operate with a contactless switch or sensor. Touch Free or contactless doors are activated by movement, typically hand movement towards a sensor rather than a person approaching, making them ideal for automatic doors where intentional or controlled activation is required.

MGS have a range of options for touch free switches and contactless activation of automatic doors, gates and barriers that are suitable for retrofit, helping to support your COVID-Secure cleaning regimes and workplace safety. 


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Benefits of Touch Free Automatic Door Opening

  • Contact-less door opening for automatic and low energy doors
  • Reduce building surface contact points and cross-contamination
  • Ideal where intentional and controlled door operation is required by the user
  • Adjustable detection area
  • Ease of door operation for people with disabilities
  • Suitable for converting manual doors to automatic & modifying existing automatic doors that use push pad activation
Contactless Automatic Door Switch
touchless sensor switch for automatic doors

Magic Switch

A discrete sensor for use with automatic doors that require intentional opening by the user, the MAGIC SWITCH uses hand movement as an alternative to push pads or push buttons.

Touch free commercial door switch pad opener

LED Touch Free Exit Door Switch

Activated by hand movement, a Touch Free illuminated Exit sensor is an option for automatic doors where a request to exit is required.

Touchless Hand sanitiser

Automatic Door Touchless Hand Sanitiser

Use of this Touchless hand sanitiser unit activates the automatic door or lock once the sanitiser has been dispensed to ensure improved hygiene before entry.  Sanitiser refill sold separately. Each refill provides 2750 doses.

MGS can help with adjustments to your property entrance, doors and communal areas to help meet COVID-19 trading requirements for social distancing and minimising surface contact. Automatic doors, protective screen barriers, partitioning and external transaction windows are just some of the ways we have been helping clients adapt their premises.  Get in touch for advice or a quotation.

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