MGS Ltd, a UK based manufacturer and specialist in the installation, service and repair of Aluminium, Automatic Door and Entrance systems, is delighted to announce it has become one of the first employers within the automatic door industry to enrol two apprentices under the new Apprenticeship Scheme for Automatic pedestrian door engineers.

The new Apprenticeship Standard “Powered Pedestrian Door Installer and Servicer” has been developed by the Automatic Door Suppliers Association (ADSA) in conjunction with South Staffordshire College, to provide a formal entry level qualification and consistent, high standard approach to both the engineering theory and practical aspects of installing and maintaining powered pedestrian door sets, more commonly known as automatic doors.

The newly founded Powered Pedestrian Door Technician Apprenticeship marks a new era in this specialist and growing field, recognition of the unique skills and comprehensive electrical and mechanical knowledge required to work with automatic doors.  The scheme gives existing engineers and new starters a professional path to gain full training in all aspects of installing, servicing and repairing all types of automatic door, whilst following legislative standards and industry codes of practice to ensure full safety.

The automatic door industry has rapidly evolved as technology has developed and legislation, codes of practice and safety standards relating to powered door sets have increased.  The use of automatic doors is far more commonplace across all property types; civic, retail, offices, healthcare, education, passenger transport hubs and more recently within residential properties, as their ability to improve access and comfort for building users is universally recognised.

The core skills and knowledge developed on the Powered Pedestrian Door Apprenticeship are transferrable to other applications that use drive controls and safety sensor systems, such as industrial doors, gates and security products.

Jason Pease, Managing Director at MGS said, “As the owner of an automatic door installation and service company who started in this industry 35 years ago with no real training programme back then, I am absolutely thrilled that MGS are one of the first employers to participate in the launch of the PDD apprenticeship scheme, giving opportunities to local young people starting in this growing industry. This is so important for the Industry and young engineers in general. This is a very proud moment for MGS”

“Our company ethos and reputation for quality is built upon the talent and skills of automatic door technicians, and the Apprenticeship scheme gives us a platform to be able to help local young people achieve a professional qualification through college and workplace training and assessment as they embark on this exciting and rewarding career path. It is a pleasure to work with ADSA and South Staffordshire College and welcome our first two apprentices to the MGS team”.

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Apprentice as a commercial door engineer
Apprentice commercial and automatic door engineer

Ben and Tommy, two of the UK’s first Powered Pedestrian Door Apprentices to join the Trailblazer Apprenticeship Scheme